Mohd Nizam Abdul Manap
Vise President (Operation)
Background and expertise in the legal field make him one of paramount in RF3 World company operations.
He was also entrusted with the responsibility of the Finance Division of  company in addition to the matters related legislation.
Interestingly, he also has experience in the field of multi-level marketing is favorable to himself cooperate in managing the operations of the RF3 World with the other directors.
Nazeri Omar
President RF3 World
Born in Felda Bukit Puchong, Triang, Pahang has extensive experience in marketing and business management.
In addition to ever become a millionaire in this multi-level direct sales business,
He has also been involved in the import-export business, construction, financial services and trading.
On his experience and expertise in the field of marketing, he was appointed Marketing Director of a direct sales company Bumiputera.
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Shamsul Bahari
Vise President (Marketing)

Enforcement officers in a former Town Council also has extensive experience in the field of multi-level marketing.
He has tasted success in multi-level marketing based business and has business network throughout Malaysia.
The underlying business had previously changed his attitude and thoughts of ordinary workers in the government sector turned into an incredible human.
Dr Hasrizan Hassan
(Product Development Director)

His knowledge and extensive experience in alternative medicine helps him to undertake the task as people involved in research and product development.

Knowledge and expertise that he had over the years has helped the company in terms of product development as well as conducting research for the improvement and development of future products.